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Know your customers.

Every customer has a different need.

Make the connections you never knew existed between your customers and products to make commercial decisions that drive revenue and loyalty.

What does customer intelligence look like?

Deep customer insight.

Uncover the deep relationships between your customers and products. Understand what makes shoppers tick and deliver relevancy at every stage of their journey.

Customer need states.

Create detailed customer need states and missions across every category based on how they shop, browse and interact with your products.

Smart segments.

Create and write macro, micro and individual customer segments at the click of a button. Instantly identify the defining characteristics of each segment.

A deeper customer understanding.

Decision intelligence relies on having the most detailed information at your fingertips; always. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organisation – you need to understand each and every one to succeed.

Our platform enables detailed customer behaviour analytics without the need to code. Analyse historic and real-time customer behaviour whilst understanding key drivers and predicting what's next.

Create detailed customer level attributes based on what they're buying, browsing and clicking on. Attributes are the foundations smart segments are built upon.

Understand the deep relationships between your customers and products using affinity analytics. Identify each customer's unique journey across your business.

Uncover customer missions and needs.

Leverage affinity analytics and AI to map out the customer buying and decision making process across every category and sub-category. Identify specific missions and need states for individual customers.

Understand the deep relationships between products; within and across hierarchies. Discover how your customers interact with them, substitute them and purchase them together in the same basket.

Create interactive customer decision trees to identify consumers' decision making process across every category and sub-category using our platform.

Identify clusters of products that forming each customer mission and need state, with detailed product attributes and customer behaviours describing the products that define each mission.

Smart customer segments at any level.

Create unlimited customer segmentations at the click of a button. Quickly build macro, micro or individual segments and write them down to your customer database for instant decision intelligence.

Visualise customer data and insight in real-time whilst creating smart segments - banishing the need for endless iterations and rebuilds.

Take advantage of advanced data science techniques, machine learning and AI with our easy to use, highly visual, no-code platform.

Create specific audiences from segments using our decision engine, then deliver unique, highly relevant customer journeys and recommendations.

Make intelligent decisions. Simple.

Our cloud-based decision intelligence platform uses cutting edge data science and AI to put your data at the heart of all your product decisions.

The best part? Anyone can use it.

Create decision intelligence across every function within your business.

Know your decisions.

Assortment and range.

Pricing and promotion.

Marketing and media.

eCommerce and digital.

Get to know
your customers,

Decision intelligence
is seeing HyperFinity
in action.

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