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Know your relationships.

Making the unseen… seen.

HyperFinity digs deeper, uncovering the hidden relationships between your customers and products so that you can make the right decisions at hyper speed.

Join the dots between your customers and products.

See what no one else sees.

Uncover hidden relationships in your data and bring your customer and product strategies closer together.

Everything’s connected.

Use powerful affinity analytics to connect customers with the right products and deliver highly relevant experiences.

Everywhere they go.

Understand your customers’ relationships with products, across every channel they shop and engage with.

Illuminate unseen relationships.

As you collect vast amounts of data, it becomes infinitely harder to identify the relationships between your customers and products. Become truly data-led in your decision making by understanding these key relationships.

Identify deep product and customer relationships at the click of a button with our platform.

Uncover customer segments, product attributes and customer missions you never knew existed.

Create connected product and customer decisions to meet the needs of all your customers, driving true competitive advantage.

The affinity of things.

Affinity analytics is a data science technique that digs deeper. Our platform finds the connections no one else sees and learns from customer behaviour across every channel.

Understand the affinities between your customers and other customers, products, ranges, missions and attributes, then visualise them directly in our platform.

Identify how products are purchased together, substituted for each other, and shopped differently by every customer.

Connect the right products with the right customers for personalised experiences.

Connecting customer journeys.

Every customer creates a unique data footprint across your business based on how they shop across channels; how they interact with you, and how they engage with your brand, media and communications.

Retail is no longer about siloed sales channels. Those using data science and analytics to provide omnichannel customer journeys are ultimately more successful.

Deliver compelling and engaging experiences at every customer touchpoint - from awareness and research to purchase and after-sales service.

Personalise and create relevancy throughout the customer journey to drive loyalty, retention and acquisition.

Affinity analytics drives intelligent decisions. Simple.

We make decision intelligence accessible to retailers and brands with our high performance cloud-based platform. Connect the dots between your customers and products.

The best part? Anyone can use it.

Create decision intelligence across every function within your business.

Know your decisions.

Assortment and range.

Pricing and promotion.

Marketing and media.

eCommerce and digital.

Get to know
your customers,

Decision intelligence
is seeing HyperFinity
in action.

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