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It’s data science, not rocket science.

Make great retail decisions using data and AI. All from a single decision intelligence platform.

Profitable decisions. Driven by data and AI.

SaaS platform.

Join the dots between customer, product and click data with software for business and technical users.

AI-driven insights.

Uncover insights through data science, machine learning and generative AI in a visual, no-code platform.

Designed for retailers.

Understand customers using a platform built specifically for retailers by ex-consumer analysts.

Connected decisions.

Make more intelligent, commercially focused decisions across the key areas of your business.

HyperFinity’s a modular SaaS platform. It features a core AI engine, plus multiple modules for optimising key retail decisions.

Marketing and loyalty: Build intelligent audiences, uncover next best actions and recommendations, then create measurement and insight.

Pricing: Model price elasticity and sensitivity, assess demand transference and measure promotion effectiveness.

Assortment: Generate customer-centric hierarchies, create product attributes and optimise your product range.

Retail media: Activate first party data, design targeted audiences for advertising platforms, then measure the impact.

Decision intelligence starts with our game-changing core AI engine, with embedded analytics and insight at its heart.

Affinity: Create product affinities across every level of your hierarchy in seconds. Understand how products are bought together or substituted for each other.

Attributes: Use AI to create product attributes and features based on how consumers see your products. Map product attributes to individual customers to understand what makes them tick.

Need states: Create interactive customer decision trees for every category. Identify missions and how your product range fulfils every consumer need across the entire journey.

Segments: Create macro, micro or individual customer segments at the click of a button and create personalised decisions against every customer or segment to drive 'next best action' intelligence.

Answer critical retail questions.

No-code decision intelligence platform.

Our platform is built for decision makers and data scientists alike. Can’t code? No problem. Our point-and-click environment makes insight easily accessible. If coding is second nature to you, we can still make your life easier.

Connectivity with any other tool or software.

Plug and play with your favourite tools and platforms – with no fuss. Our platform integrates seamlessly with providers like Snowflake, Databricks, AWS, Braze, Shopify, Salesforce, Google and SAP.

Accessible point-and-click user interface.

Our software’s intuitive. Whether you’re a business or technical user, you won’t need to read a 150 page manual to figure it out. It’s super fast, too, so you can access insight in those final few moments before a key retail meeting takes place.

Customer and product-led AI engine.

Our AI and machine learning algorithms work with your customer and product data. That way, any recommendations are geared towards your individual retail business, so you can continue making timely commercial decisions.

“Our partnership with HyperFinity is translating our data into key intelligence.”

– Ed Child, Global Head of Consumer Data and Digital Analytics, Costa Coffee

Customer loyalty.

Find out how we help retailers use decision intelligence to personalise loyalty schemes and improve engagement.


Discover how we help you understand price sensitivity across your entire product range using our advanced data science and AI software.


Learn about our product range solution and how you can use customer behaviour, preferences and missions to forecast demand.

Trusted by leading retailers and brands.

Ready for intelligent commercial decisions?

Let’s dive deeper.

Retail is a complex area. What makes HyperFinity so special when it comes to retail analytics?

We truly understand retailers. Our four founders are ex-consumer analysts, so we have in-depth experience of the problems retailers face. We take the time to truly understand our clients’ challenges and needs before recommending a solution.

I know I need a decision intelligence platform for my retail business, but which HyperFinity modules should I start with?

Our core AI module is the ideal starting point. Take your data and create the foundations of decision intelligence: affinity, attributes, need states and segments. Then, build on that knowledge by adding on our retail-specific modules for faster marketing and loyalty, pricing, assortment or retail media decisions. From there, the retail world’s your oyster!

What retail data is needed to get started?

Our SaaS platform needs anonymised customer, product and click data. Ideally, this should be structured – but we can help you get it into shape if needed. Our team will discuss this with you during onboarding.

Which external platforms does HyperFinity integrate with?

It’s a long list! We integrate with Snowflake for data storage and transformation, plus activation platforms like Braze, Shopify, Salesforce, Google and SAP. If the platform you use isn’t listed, contact us – we’re flexible.

What kind of results do retailers see from using HyperFinity?

We love this question. Every AI project is different, based on a retailer’s challenges and needs. For example, we’ve helped a food and drink retailer achieve a 20% uplift in loyalty customer base spending. Meanwhile, we’ve helped a fashion retailer with £2 million worth of proven CRM benefits. Finally, we’ve helped a high street store increase margin by 5%.

How does HyperFinity comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and other privacy laws?

We take privacy seriously. All data in our platform is anonymised, so our team can’t see any customer details. We tie up consumer activity using unique customer identifiers, so you can understand how people shop, including which shoppers are the most loyal.

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