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Truly understand customers.

Then personalise your marketing.

Tap into your treasure trove of first party data to solve your retention, churn and engagement struggles.

Maximise loyalty with customer intelligence.

Uncover customer insight.

Clearly understand your customer base, including who they are, what they buy and how often they shop.

Build segments and audiences.

Build macro, micro and individual segments then targeted audiences, so you can maximise reward and drive incrementality.

Personalise communications.

Talk to your customers as individuals, by serving them the right content, via the right channel, at the right time.

Drive loyalty with personalised experiences.

Customers reward relevant and consistent shopping experiences by spending more and showing greater loyalty. On the flip side, they punish generic and disjointed experiences by defecting to competitor retailers.
Luckily, personalisation is known to drive increased conversion and loyalty. That’s where our platform comes in.
Take a tour of HyperFinity Customer Decision Engine

Uncover deep customer insight.

Before you segment and market to your customers, you need to understand them – in detail. The good news? You’ve already got all the data you need. Our platform uncovers deep customer insight, so you can place it at the heart of your decision making.

Find out who your customers are, what they buy and how often they shop with you.

Identify your most loyal shoppers - then understand how to maximise customer lifetime value. What are the key drivers?

Use this insight to create a customer footprint and uncover the major drivers of customer satisfaction.

Segment your audience.

How can you make sure consumers shop with you time and again? After understanding your customers, the next step is to build segments for precise targeting.

Leverage machine learning and AI to build macro, micro and individual customer segments. Then create audiences for targeted media advertising.

Empower your marketing, CRM and loyalty teams with segments and audiences built for specific campaigns and initiatives. Tailor your marketing to individuals, powering loyalty and satisfaction.

Drive value by creating marketing and loyalty decisions against individuals, segments and audiences.

Personalise marketing communications.

Gone are the days of sending catch-all emails to your entire client base. Customers expect relevant content and communications. Our platform gives you the keys to achieve just that.

Once you’ve uncovered deep customer insight, it’s time to personalise communications based on what and how they shop. Our decision engine makes product recommendations at an individual level.

Choose ‘next best actions’ for every customer, co-ordinated across channels, media and devices.

Seamlessly integrate our software with downstream platforms, like CRM, CMS and ERP systems, to deliver personalised content.

Joined up retail decisions = retail success.

Latest news and views.

Make intelligent decisions. Simple.

Our cloud-based decision intelligence platform uses cutting edge data science and AI to put your data at the heart of all your marketing and customer loyalty decisions.

The best part? Anyone can use it.

Data. It’s what we do.

Delivering data-led transformation.

"HyperFinity really understand our business. They’re an extension of our data science team and they’ve helped us build solid foundations for decision intelligence. This has helped us grow loyalty and deliver better, more engaging experiences for our customers."

Ed Child

Global Head of Consumer Data and Digital Analytics, Costa Coffee

An essential partner.

"HyperFinity have proven an essential partner to Beaverbrooks. Demonstrating strong technical skills, empathy and clear enthusiasm to support our goals of using data and insight to deliver truly engaging and memorable customer experiences."

Charlotte Lord

Marketing Manager, Beaverbrooks

Trusted by leading retailers and brands.

Create decision intelligence across every function within your business.

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