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Data fuels retail media.

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The retail media market is growing – and it’s about to boom. Isn’t it time to start generating revenue from the first party data you collect every day?

Generate revenue from first party data.

Transform your retail data.

Turn your first party retail data into valuable insight to power a brand new, profitable income stream.

Build audiences.

Use customer insights to create audiences for highly targeted and relevant retail media advertising.

Measure the impact.

Prove your ads are converting browsers into buyers through effective closed loop measurement.

Transform your first party retail data.

Reaching the right audience, with the right product, in the right place, at the right time is fundamental to retail media success. It relies on activating your first party data; opening up a world of opportunity for retailers, partner brands and customers.

Once you’ve created deep customer insight and targeting, it’s time to transform it into a mechanism for retail media. It’s a two-way street, benefitting both you and your suppliers.

Sell your first party data asset to suppliers, so they can serve media to shoppers most likely to make a purchase.

Create predictive models for activation in media and marketing campaigns, optimised for customer conversion, profitability or any other KPI.

Build targeted audiences.

Create segmented audiences for activation in downstream media and marketing platforms. Seamlessly connect to activation tools within your own media estate; data clean rooms for sharing insights with partners, or to external advertising platforms.

Build rich customer segments based on foundational analytics and insight. Increase conversion rates by serving the most relevant ads, in the right context and setting.

Tailor audiences to the needs of suppliers, regardless of their marketing objectives.

Deliver audiences using secure data sharing to activate through your chosen AdTech partner tools. Build lookalike audiences based on your own first party data.

Measure the impact of ads.

The beauty of retail media? The straight-line measurement between ad exposure and conversion. Use our platform to assess the impact of advertising on yours and your suppliers’ businesses.

Our platform’s a one-stop-shop for all omnichannel media performance insight. Understand campaign performance using test and control methodologies for robust measurement.

Monetise insight by packaging it up for suppliers - including insights on product performance and consumer preferences - and encourage more retail media spend with you in future.

Use campaign performance data to inform better future decisions - such as refining ad targeting to increase suppliers’ ROI.

Joined up retail media decisions = retail success.

Latest news and views.

Make intelligent decisions. Simple.

Our cloud-based decision intelligence platform uses cutting edge data science and AI to put your data at the heart of all your retail media decisions.

The best part? Anyone can use it.

Data. It’s what we do.

Delivering data-led transformation.

"Through their data science expertise and retail optimisation toolset, Hyper are helping Studio to deliver against our goal of data-led transformation. We find Hyper to be highly skilled and very pragmatic in their approach to using data science to solve genuine commercial challenges and improve customer experience."

Ed Child

Head of Enterprise Data, Studio

An essential partner.

"Hyper have proven an essential partner to Beaverbrooks. Demonstrating strong technical skills, empathy and clear enthusiasm to support our goals of using data and insight to deliver truly engaging and memorable customer experiences."

Charlotte Lord

Marketing Manager, Beaverbrooks

Trusted by leading retailers and brands.

Create decision intelligence across every function within your business.

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