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Decision intelligence is the future of retail.

Retailers and brands using data science and AI for customer-centric decisions are at a significant advantage. Download our eBook for the lowdown.

Data science + AI + insight = decision intelligence.

Making waves.

Gartner identified decision intelligence as a top strategic technology trend for 2022.

Empowering retail.

Imagine a world where data is democratised. With decision intelligence, that world’s a reality.

Genuine impact.

Decision intelligence helps move key levers, including profit, costs, conversion and loyalty.

What is decision intelligence?

Decision intelligence (DI) is the commercial application of data science and artificial intelligence. It enables joined up, customer-centric decision making across multiple business areas.
In the world of retail, DI impacts product range, pricing and promotion, marketing and media, eCommerce and supply chain decisions. DI helps retailers and brands compete – and succeed.

How will decision intelligence revolutionise retail?

Commercial success lies in great decision making.

Currently, retailers are struggling to create value from an explosion of data. There’s a chronic global shortage of data scientists and AI specialists, so hiring people to make sense of that data is tough. This is compounded by outdated and inaccessible data science platforms, plus a historical over-reliance on expensive point-in-time analytics.

DI puts insights into the hands of business users. It democratises data and breaks down siloes.

From a retail perspective, it helps automate business intelligence and associated actions. Crucially, though, it augments human decision-making – rather than taking over the process.

Gartner anticipate more than a third of large businesses will be employing DI within the next two years.

How does decision intelligence apply to retailers and brands?

Success in retail relies on consistently making great commercial decisions across five key areas: product assortment, pricing, marketing, merchandising and supply chain.

Decisions in these areas are interlinked. For example, if you change your range, it impacts price perception. If you change your marketing, it impacts availability.

DI embeds real-time analytics throughout the decision-making process. It impacts commercial results – including profit, operating costs, conversion, and loyalty.

What data is needed to get started?

DI is ideal for industries collecting lots of data – like retail. It uses customer, product and click data to join the dots and create valuable insight for businesses.

Chances are, you already have reams and reams of this kind of data. Perhaps it’s owned by your data science team. Or perhaps it’s spread across your business – in marketing, sales, finance or leadership teams.

Our DI platform can connect to data warehouses, databases, cloud storage or Google Analytics.

Make intelligent decisions. Simple.

We make DI accessible to retailers and brands with our high performance software. Connect the dots between your customers, products and click data.

The best part? Anyone can use it.

Create decision intelligence across every function within your business.

Know your decisions.

Assortment optimisation.

Pricing optimisation.

Marketing and loyalty.

Retail media.

Get to know
your customers,

Decision intelligence
is seeing HyperFinity
in action.

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