Decision intelligence is the future of retail.

The 2022 retail market is tough, so making great commercial decisions is crucial. The answer is decision intelligence.



June 2022

Decision Intelligence eBook

Make intelligent decisions. Simple.

Decision intelligence is the future of retail. So if you’re wondering why it’s important or how it impacts retailers and brands, this eBook is for you.

Put simply, businesses using data science and AI for customer-led decisions are at a significant advantage. Retailers and brands collect vast swathes of data every day, but they aren’t unlocking its potential. The price of failing to make unified, customer-led decisions? Obsolescence. So there’s no wonder Alibaba named decision intelligence (DI) a top tech trend for 2023.

We’ve explained how DI can be applied to retail – supporting commercial decision-making by analysing all the data humans can’t possibly process at once.

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