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Profitable pricing decisions.

Driven by data and AI.

Set optimal base prices, run effective promotions and manage price

Ditch the spreadsheet. Choose data and AI.

Build pricing models.

Use customer and product data to understand consumer behaviour, then identify opportunities.

Optimise decisions.

Simulate the commercial impact of price changes at a product and business level using advanced AI.

Measure the outcome.

Report on outcomes and demonstrate incrementality using fully customisable dashboarding and BI.

Make intelligent pricing optimisation decisions. Simple.

Data driven decision making is non-negotiable. This is particularly true for pricing decisions; a golden opportunity for retailers to increase sales, margin and profit.
Isn’t it time you swapped your spreadsheet for lightning fast decision intelligence software?
Take a tour of HyperFinity Price Optimisation

Build a plethora of pricing models.

Many retailers’ pricing processes are manual and reactive. We help you ditch the spreadsheet and build intelligent pricing optimisation models, driven by data and AI.

Create transparent pricing rules by product area or store mission and align them to product families and tiers.

Optimise prices based on customer demand and price elasticity.

Understand which products are price sensitive to avoid giving away margin.

Optimise decisions using AI.

Use advanced AI and machine learning to simulate price changes – before you commit to them.

Leverage AI-based recommendations to maximise commercial value and minimise stock write off.

Understand how demand transfers, so you can maximise reach and minimise cannibalisation.

Use ‘what-if’ scenario modelling and competitor index rules to perfect price changes.

Measure the outcome of price changes.

Report on the impact of pricing optimisation decisions using fully configurable dashboarding and BI.

Keep track of intelligent KPIs, from page visits and conversion, to price elasticity and average selling price (ASP).

Demonstrate incrementality, whilst balancing customer experience and perception.

Quickly course correct using AI-based recommendations.

Joined up pricing decisions = retail success.

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Trusted by leading retailers and brands.

Data. It’s what we do.

Delivering data-led transformation.

"HyperFinity really understand our business. They’re an extension of our data science team and they’ve helped us build solid foundations for decision intelligence. This has helped us grow loyalty and deliver better, more engaging experiences for our customers."

Ed Child

Global Head of Consumer Data and Digital Analytics, Costa Coffee

An essential

"HyperFinity have been instrumental in helping us understand the role of pricing for cardfactory. Their use of data and AI has enabled us to make insight driven pricing decisions that take into account our business goals and the expectations of our customers. HyperFinity are a valuable and trusted partner to cardfactory. They stand out for their expertise in applying data science to make great pricing, marketing, and assortment decisions."

Liz Lamb

Director of Insight and Customer Experience, cardfactory

Make intelligent decisions. Simple.

Our cloud-based decision intelligence platform uses cutting edge data science and AI to put your data at the heart of all your pricing decisions.

The best part? Anyone can use it.

Create decision intelligence across every function within your business.

Find out how far
HyperFinity can
take you.

Decision intelligence
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