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How is data fuelling the retail media revolution?

Retail media is a logical route to profit for pressured retailers. Download our eBook to find out how.


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Prospecting the data gold mine.

Retail profit margins are notoriously slim. Combined with 2023’s challenging retail landscape, retailers are understandably looking to diversify their income streams. Enter retail media.

We’re living in an increasingly digital-first world. As a result, retailers are collecting a gold mine of first party data. Retail media is an opportunity for retailers to activate their customer data and generate a new profit source.

The golden bullet for retail media success.

How can you show the right products, to the right customers, at the right time? It’s simple: data.

Understanding customer behaviour is essential for deciding product assortment, pricing, marketing and media and supply chain. It’s also critical for successful retail media networks; enabling targeted campaigns and reducing ad wastage.

A straight line view of success.

Businesses like Walmart and Coca-Cola are already seeing outsized commercial results from retail media. In fact, advertising is a top profit engine for Amazon, alongside its cloud computing services.

However, attributing marketing success is an age-old challenge. Closed loop measurement allows retailers to measure retail media campaigns – accurately and transparently – to benefit the whole ecosystem.

Retail media is already here. Are you ready to ride the fourth digital wave?

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