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Hyper Bytes April 2020

By 22/04/2020June 29th, 2023Newsletters

Hello and welcome to Hyper Bytes, our new regular newsletter. Each month we’ll bring you a curated view of the latest from our business and the best consumer focused data science stories from around the internet.

We’ll feature thought leading blogs, reports from inspiring events and examples of organisations using data science to improve their performance and truly deliver value to their customers. Please let us know what you think and suggest content you’d love to see in future additions of Hyper Bytes. Happy reading!


Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

What’s stopping you from becoming data driven?

Data has been heralded as the new oil, the new soil, and various other lofty titles. You would be forgiven for thinking that organisations far and wide now use data to drive key decisions.

In our latest blog we put this myth to bed and explore the practical steps you can take to become a data driven business.  Click here to read the full blog post.



Mad Men & Math Men, a potent combination for marketers.

What do data and creativity have in common with Manchester United legends Roy Keane and Paul Scholes? Find out by reading our blog for GO! New Business Transformation.

We explain how the two disciplines combine to deliver breakthrough marketing campaigns, such as Burger King’s audacious Whopper Detour and Black & Abroad’s ground breaking Go Back to Africa.



What Disney+ can learn from Netflix.

Disney+ has made a sensational start, announcing that it already has over 50m subscribers to it’s streaming service. There’s little doubt that that the worldwide lock-down due to Covid-19 has contributed to increased TV viewing, with Disney+ a prime beneficiary, given much of its content appeals to younger viewers who have plenty of time on their hands.

Eventually subscriber numbers will reach a plateau and Disney’s attention will turn to understanding their customers in order to deliver the most compelling content possible to keep them for the long term. Netflix provide a clear example of how data science and technology can help to deliver much loved entertainment into the homes of customers and Disney will doubtless be following their lead’.

The backbone techniques here are affinity analytics and creating product and customer attributes. They enable an in-depth understanding of how customers interact with content and to help describe both the customers and the content they consume. These techniques help not only with personalised recommendations but also to understand what makes content so compelling and for whom, helping future decisions on what programs to make or buy. Netflix handily talk openly about their techniques on their tech blog and podcast, which Disney no doubt follow intently.


Data Science, The Movie.

How many of you shudder when a social conversation turns to work, and you’re asked what data science is all about? It’s never been the most accessible of topics, until now.

Dataiku, a software company with a platform that democratises access to data and AI, have achieved a rare feat by producing a highly accessible and engaging movie, Data Science Pioneers. The film succeeds in explaining what data science is, how it can be applied to business and the ethical matters that must be considered, given the Cambridge Analytica scandal, featured in the Netflix film The Great Hack.

Data Science Pioneers is well worth checking out for anyone involved in, interested in, or simply wanting to explain data science to their parents.


Leeds Digital Festival goes… digital.

Finally a shout out to Leeds Digital Festival. As one of the largest tech, digital and data focused festivals worldwide, 2019 saw 25,000 attendees across 240 events with 750 speakers in 96 venues. 2020 promised to be even bigger and better, until you know what.

Rather than succumb entirely, the decision was taken to plough on with an online only festival, with 90+ events over the 2 week period, covering everything from digital transformation to how to survive in times of crisis.

For our part, HyperFinity are offering a limited number of 1 hour data strategy clinics for consumer focused businesses, which can be booked using this link.


We welcome your comments and suggestions of other content for our readers to check out. Just add it in comments below.

Until next time, stay indoors and keep safe.

Team HyperFinity




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