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Which brands are winning with Affinity Analytics?




May 2021

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Relationships. The way we interact with the products we buy and browse, the way we relate to other consumers and the way products associate with other products. Relationships are one of the most meaningful aspects of life and have a fundamental impact on the decisions we make. Relationships are also at the heart of affinity analytics, a data science technique that underpins the way in which businesses can truly understand customer behaviour and needs.

When deciding to create a podcast, video series and blog, affinity analytics emerged as a recurring theme, underpinning much of what we admire about how major brands such as Netflix, Spotify and Airbnb create insight on which to base critical business decisions. And so, To Affinity & Beyond became the title for this series.

Episode 1: Which brands are winning with affinity analytics?

In our first full episode we explore affinity analytics and its commercial application. We discuss what affinity analytics actually is and how it can be used in conjunction with other data science techniques, such as attribution and customer need states.

In a highly accessible episode we focus on which major brands are using affinity analytics to understand customer behaviour, deliver exceptional experiences and optimise their decision making. We bust the myth that affinity analytics only relates to marketing personalisation. Plus, we talk about how major brands such as Netflix, Spotify, Nike, Airbnb and McDonalds, including whether they apply (or have the potential to apply) affinity analytics to improve decisions across a range of business areas. Examples include optimising product range / assortment, pricing, personalisation and supply chain, each one key for retailers and brands to achieve success in a highly competitive market.

The show is hosted by Pete Denby and features his HyperFinity co-founders, Adam Barrowcliff, Damon Bryan and Thomas Hill. They bring their considerable experience and knowledge from working in leading retailers, consumer brands, data, analytics and technology companies.

Check-out the video clips below or if you want to listen to the whole episode, stream via the Spotify link on the left or search “To Affinity and Beyond” on your favourite platform.

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