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Powered by Snowflake partnership helps HyperFinity make intelligent decisions. Simple.

By 29/09/2022June 27th, 2023Blog Posts, Business Updates
HyperFinity joins Snowflake's Partner Network

The success of modern retailers and brands relies on great commercial decisions. From pricing and assortment, to marketing, merchandising and supply chain… the retail sector must navigate no end of business-critical decisions.

However, without decision intelligence, even the most experienced retailers struggle to make data-informed, customer-centric decisions. Why? Because insight is siloed, data science talent is scarce, existing software is outdated and inaccessible, and data science and AI capability isn’t embedded in business practices.

To succeed at making great commercial decisions, businesses users need access to data and insight. Without it, they risk making decisions based on gut feel alone – leading to lower revenue, higher costs, less profit and poor customer experiences.

Despite this risk, retailers and brands are still failing to unlock the potential of the data they collect.

Solving the retail data conundrum.

We’ve developed a solution: HyperFinity. A no code decision intelligence platform, built specifically for retailers and brands. Our solution is Powered by Snowflake, allowing for high performance and stability. For joint customers already using Snowflake, our solution seamlessly integrates with their platform.

Decision intelligence bridges the gap between data and decisions. It improves customer understanding, helping retailers and brands make more effective decisions in a constantly evolving sector.

Introducing a new partnership.

Following our Top 3 Finalist success in Snowflake’s Startup Challenge 2022, we’re proud to announce we’ve joined Snowflake’s Partner Network.

The programme helps partners like HyperFinity build, operate and market applications running on the Data Cloud. As a partner, we have access to specialist workshops and resources, plus greater brand exposure through joint marketing with Snowflake.

Joining Snowflake’s Partner Network is a huge endorsement of our decision intelligence product and we’re excited about the potential it brings.

Find out more about decision intelligence for retailers and brands by downloading our latest eBook.

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